Buffered Multiple - BUFFER 02

Buffered Multiple


12" Vinyl D

Lirum Larum / Lila03

Front View : Buffered Multiple - BUFFER 02 - Lirum Larum / Lila03
Back View : Buffered Multiple - BUFFER 02 - Lirum Larum / Lila03

Viennese Analog-Wizards Buffered Multiple (also known for their Electro-Outlet Microthol) deliver the followup to Buffer 01 with three outstanding tracks of deep, mysterious and mesmerizing techno. Mark 1.12. is the track that works well in the peaktime situation, while the B-side shows their extremely detailed production skillz and knowledge about the minimalistic but floating techno. Besides their production skillz, the duo teams up for extended trippy vinyl-dj sets which demonstrate a level of knowledge in Techno which is rare to find these days. efdemin is happy to welcome the two producers back on Lirum Larum.

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