Lukas Simmer - FRACKING EP

Lukas Simmer


12" Vinyl NL

Wrong State Recordings / WS013

Front View : Lukas Simmer - FRACKING EP - Wrong State Recordings / WS013
Back View : Lukas Simmer - FRACKING EP - Wrong State Recordings / WS013

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Lukas Simmer is a prestigious name on the underground house/techno scene, making his debut here on Wrong State Recordings with a strong four track EP that marks him out as one to watch. With a background as a sound technician and musician, he has a solid grounding in the world of composing and producing music - which is clear to hear in this debut.

The title track sets the tone with a vibe that somehow manages to feel languid and insistent at the same time. Chattering snares punctuate the undulating, dubby bass, sharp hi-hats cutting away at the brooding undercurrents. Haunting pianos slowly come into focus, providing an emotive counterbalance to the track's mechanical, artificial backbone, with subtle shakers brought into the mix later on to add some gentle energy. Heady FX throughout the journey provide the icing on the cake.

Secret Marriage works with a similar balance of textures, getting into its swing via triple kick drum patterns, miraculously low sub bass and widely panned slivers of piano loops which create a pulsing, hypnotic atmosphere. A dizzying breakdown full of whirring sounds and textures gives brief respite, before old skool snare patterns drop into to add another layer of intensity. It's techno at its deepest and most cerebral.

Front Row serves up a supremely funky bassline groove that threatens to erupt into an acidic frenzy in brief, teasing moments, with sustained pad textures bringing an element of tension to the proceedings. An infectiously swung percussion section gets your head nodding, while warped FM synth trickery massages your synapses. Dizzying breaks only heighten the impact of that b-line funk when it drops back in. There's definitely a classic tech house undertone to this one.

No One Knows rounds off the package, a lively beat with plenty of pep urging along another looping, wiggling bassline while mysterious sounds float around the periphery. Constantly evolving percussion keeps the intrigue flowing, while the near-ambient breakdowns work a treat in contrast with the jacking feel of the main sections. [info from tv]
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