Matias Aguayo


coloured 12" Vinyl D

Comeme / Round Four

Front View : Matias Aguayo - EL RUDO DEL HOUSE ROUND FOUR (COLOURED VINYL) - Comeme / Round Four
Back View : Matias Aguayo - EL RUDO DEL HOUSE ROUND FOUR (COLOURED VINYL) - Comeme / Round Four

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Matias Aguayo gets down to the dancefloor. 12inch comes with an inlay and in coloured vinyl. Limited to 300

Sales Information:

Calling on his collective and collected spirit, El Rudo del House strikes again with this fourth release of this series. Since the start of this journey the goal to bring the awareness of body mechanics to the masses through the sounds, sights, and movements of El Rudo Del House has brought him on adventures while touring this message- from the clubs and bush of South Africa to the streets and rooftops of New York City, to the stage of a multi-coloured fiesta at Vive Latino in Mexico City. (El Rudo sightings documented here:

All tracks are written and produced by Matias Aguayo.

Originally inspired by the Elbee Bad question, "Why not just dance through life?", Aguayo pursued the question leading him to this radical dancing Spirit who says you should confront every situation with dancing, and apply this spirit into your everyday life.

The four 'ROUNDS' total 17 tracks, with locked grooves of field recordings from Aguayo's Rudo adventures, on coloured vinyl 12"s. Each Round features a life-sized El Rudo mask that you must copy, disseminate to friends, and wear at your gatherings (and Aguayo's live shows!) to invoke the spirit of El Rudo.

El Rudo del House is the mystic unseen in the oxygen supply coursing it's energy into each muscle. El Rudo del House is the force creating the space to exorcise yourself from your body and make each hearing ear a vessel for a dancing mask-clad clan through heavy commercial promotion and hopefully eventual sponsorship- according to the new underground strategies of marketplace infiltration.

El Rudo struck four times in 2015- starting with in March… and concluding with: ROUND FOUR.

ROUND FOUR (Digital release: 15th JUNE 2015))

Track Notes:

A1 - TRABZON 120 BPM - This is the rhythm you can dance to wearing the mask of "The Man"… Robotically, with tight fists, punch yourself through an unseen wooden atmosphere .

A2 - TURBULENCIAS 127 BPM - On this turbulent uptempo techno fantasy, plane turbines shape into noisy melodies between sequenced cascading claps and snares to take you on a bumpy ride through a stormy and electrically loaded sky… Visual accompaniment by Sander Houtkruijer soon to come!

B1 - TOMADA (MAS RUDO) 128 BPM - In this "more Rudo" instrumental version of the track "Tomada" (as found on Round Two) vocals are fully left out, replaced by more rhythms and space for imagination.

B2 - LECCIONES DE PERREO 120 BPM - Another "just rhythm" jam, featuring baselines and samples from other places found in the El Rudo world, which allows the to combination of steps from it's previous episodes [txt from ]
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