Mannmademusic - NIGHT STORIES EP



12" Vinyl UK

Shadeleaf Music / SM-12-007

Front View : Mannmademusic - NIGHT STORIES EP - Shadeleaf Music / SM-12-007
Back View : Mannmademusic - NIGHT STORIES EP - Shadeleaf Music / SM-12-007

SHADELEAF continues, with a strident 7 out of 7 on the scoreboard! Following a stunning (and sell-out !) EP earlier last year, the North Easts answer to Michigans finest, steps up again, with probably his strongest work to date. Mannmademusic became known very quickly, over the space of a few low key, but expertly realised edits releases for the likes of Glenview, Lumberjacks In Hell & Diner City Sounds. This EP sees him continue wearing his influences proudly, but re-imagine them in an altogether rawer framework - Samples woven together, augmented and redefined, some of it following the classic KDJ blueprint but laid out in a style thats all his own. Those familiar loops submerged and unfurling, rubbing up against altogether more off-kilter but coherent workouts, sat alongside perfectly measured electronic jams all combining into an EP that stands head and shoulders above the competition. Another Shadeleaf sureshot!

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