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Front View : Tiefschwarz - LEFT (CD) - Watergate Records / WGA002CD
Back View : Tiefschwarz - LEFT (CD) - Watergate Records / WGA002CD

It Takes Time For A Series Of Seperate Ideas To Evolve Into A Fully Concepteptualized Album If It Wants To Have A Place In History For Ali And Basti Schwarz, Better Known As Tiefschwarz. Since 1998 The Duo, As Both Djs And Producers, Have Perfected The Art Of Dominating The Moments Only Experienced On A Dance Floor, Deeply Immersed In Sound. Their Music Is Unique As It Is Creative.

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Among the countless extended players and remixes, the three landmark Tiefschwarz albums: “RAL 9005″, “Eat Books” and “Chocolate” all have a common thread weaving them together; a historic vision uniting the musical crossroads of past and future. As with the previous albums, Tiefschwarz pause briefly on the subjective localization of artists in the (music) world to create an album which unfolds like a story told by master story tellers. Igniting the dance floor while at the same time giving the listener the opportunity to look beyond themselves and into the journey that is “Left". With “Left", Tiefschwarz were able to radicalize the album-specific approach and focus more intently on combining grooves with an introspective perspective. They refrained to bring in an outside co-producer for the album and made sure to forego the cliche variety of guest musicians, concentrating instead on one congenial companion: Khan, who both Ali and Basti have been close friends with since the 90’s. Khan, a Frankfurt native of Turkish and Finnish decent, is one of the most prominent and exhilarating German Techno pioneers [txt from ]
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