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Metereze / MTRZ004

Front View : Melodie - ECHO RHYTHM EP - Metereze / MTRZ004
Back View : Melodie - ECHO RHYTHM EP - Metereze / MTRZ004

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Taking a few steps off it’s usual housy path, Metereze presents a fresh new face and a more techno approach to dance music. It is Melodie that signs the 4th installment and he is taking it deep into the realms of acid with 3 tracks that not only go well together but they are all meant to make you move in a big way. Acid Sunday is as acidic as the name suggests it but in the end it’s the most poetic of the 3. The subtle pads are kinda dreamy but the 303 sounds make it super driving. On the same side we have Rhythmico which is dark, percussive and powerful. Subtle background bleeps complete the wandering synth that comes and goes but never really seems to go away. Housed on side B Justa is a techno monster in its own right. Sonically very close to the other two, this is by far the darkest track on this ep. And probably the strongest. Techno infused house you may call it or whatever, this is the kind of track that puts you on a serious move whenever, wherever.

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