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Der Dritte Raum / DDR011CD

Front View : Der Dritte Raum - AYDSZIEYALAIDNEM (CD) - Der Dritte Raum / DDR011CD
Back View : Der Dritte Raum - AYDSZIEYALAIDNEM (CD) - Der Dritte Raum / DDR011CD

When it comes to electronic music and techno music there are few cities that have conserved and upheld the foundational roots laid down by its pioneers more so than Berlin. One of the center-most characters in this movement is the inimitable Der Dritte Raum. Aydszieyalaidnem is the latest offering from KruegersDer Dritte Raum project.

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Following up the 2013 release Morgenland, this new album with the unspellable but warmth name is stepping away from the melodic/harmonic forms of previous works, presenting a more club orientated proposition. Bathed and soaked in a warm berlin studio setup, Aydszieyalaidnem draws on Krueger’s formative influences of electronic club music, relying on hardware programming and sequencing with a lot of rattling and sharp percussion cutting through simple melody lines and low-slung grooves. From house to techno, from human- and machine-created rhythms, to sweet voices and warped vocals, to blissful melodies [txt from ]
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