Swaab - KAZAK EP



12" Vinyl ES

Wrong State Recordings / WS011

Front View : Swaab - KAZAK EP (MARCMAN / DENIS KAZNACHEEV RMXS) - Wrong State Recordings / WS011
Back View : Swaab - KAZAK EP (MARCMAN / DENIS KAZNACHEEV RMXS) - Wrong State Recordings / WS011

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Kazak sees Swaab return to Wrong State, presenting one of his most direct and intense workouts to date, following recent releases on Voltaire Music, Push-Push, Jesus Was Black and Recovery Tech. Grunting bass drives along one of his typically stomping grooves, metallic atonal synths giving the track an icy cool. Subtle dashes of infectious percussion increase the tracks energy, with a big atmospheric break allowing some hypnotic FX to take centre stage. It is a heady, dark ride that carries a lot of weight without ever overbearing.

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Marcman's rework is the most upbeat of the package, bringing the swinging groove that saw him release on Adult Only, Bass Culture and Love Letters From Oslo and marrying it to seductive female vocal refrains and deft switches in rhythmic percussion. Nervmusic's Denis Kaznacheev supplies a disorienting, woozy remix reminiscent of Villalobos in his deepest moments, mysterious newcomer Chasing Blondes provides a charismatic acid workout that recalls early Winx, while Romania's Horatio (Natural Rhythm, Quanticman Records and Waldliebe Familien) also plumps for a dab of acid but delivers in a far more soft, deep and tripped-out manner on his contemplative ride through slow-burning grooves. [txt from ]
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