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Mos Ferry Prod. / MFP073

Front View : Patrick Vano - GRAVITY DRIVE EP - Mos Ferry Prod. / MFP073
Back View : Patrick Vano - GRAVITY DRIVE EP - Mos Ferry Prod. / MFP073

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Mos Ferry Vinyl 73 Named Gravity Drive Ep Is Patrick Vanos Third Release On The Label And A Worthy Follow Up To His 2013 Album The Other Side Of Me.

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For Mo’s Ferry Patrick Vano is not only a reliable producer of functional peak time material, but also an incredibly talented dj who prooves his skills on regular label showcases as well as the I Love Vinyl open air. The new EP is about anti-gravitation. Vano tries to bring this topic to the dance floor with minimalistic means. “Gravity Drive” reveals his keen sense for timing and balance of warm roaring beats, ravy hooklines and blockbuster vocal snippets. He creates an energetic state on the floor that keeps the crowd moving on its own. In track no.2 “Sick Bastard” Vano locks the listener in a time loop. A beat dry as a bone and a constantly repeating melody – rough and reduced to the max like in the best times of Minimal Techno. The tour is concluded with “Hopeless”, a 10 minutes piece on the full b side with spheric and almost psychedelic elements, thematically refering to the Trance genre. In summary, on his new “Gravity Drive EP” Patrick Vano manages to combine three dj tools, of which – depending on the playtime – at least one piece should match. [txt from ]
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