Groove Riddim - RIDE THE RIDDIMS 1

Groove Riddim


12" Vinyl FR

Wax Classic / WXC013

Front View : Groove Riddim - RIDE THE RIDDIMS 1 - Wax Classic / WXC013
Back View : Groove Riddim - RIDE THE RIDDIMS 1 - Wax Classic / WXC013

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Wax Classic shows no sign of stopping in 2014! We return with a brilliant selection of cuts from the very talented Skylax newcomer, Groove Riddim.

Living in Belgium and originally hailing from Greece, you wouldn’t usually expect these authentic NY house sounds to have come from that part of the world, but the spirit is there. If you still have any doubts at this point, dispel them in knowing that none other than the NY house hero, Nathaniel X Project, has branded the EP with his seal of approval and even features on the opening track, ‘The Difference’, with Groove Riddim. The message of the track is brought across through Nate’s vocals. That it should be all about the music and the feeling that it brings rather than how or when it was made, an outlook which can often be lost in the music scene today due to snobbery and elitism. ‘Love So Strong’ may end up being one of the standout tracks of this release for lots of house lovers. It builds up a garagey beat piece by piece and reels you in with sustained piano chords before flipping them on their head for some main-room, peak time stabby action. Rounding out the first side is ‘City of Dreams’, a bouncier affair with feel-good strings and keys throughout.To start the B-side, Groove Riddim collaborates with fellow producer, Metta, on ‘Kleurenreis’. It’s a real stomper that fully displays Groove Riddim’s attention to detail when it comes to percussion, chords and vocal snips. The synth they’ve chosen to use even has a bit of a cosmic feel to it, something slightly otherworldly. ‘Close Your Eyes’ and ‘House Will Never Die’ finish off the record, hitting home the theme that to Groove Riddim, it doesn’t matter how or when the music was made. All that matters is that the house feeling is there. [info from cy]
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