Loud Neighbor - ESPANOL

Loud Neighbor


12" Vinyl D

W0rkt34m / WT05

Front View : Loud Neighbor - ESPANOL (MARCOS IN DUB / ALIXANDER III RMXS) - W0rkt34m / WT05
Back View : Loud Neighbor - ESPANOL (MARCOS IN DUB / ALIXANDER III RMXS) - W0rkt34m / WT05

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w0rkt34m is proud to present ESPAÑOL, the 4th edition to the 6 part series, Escape Control. Hot of the press, this 12 inch warms it up with ghetto-funk-techno-groove, perfect for the summer.

As always, the A-side contains the LN originals. Español starts off the record with booty bumping rhythms, spaced out synths, mixed in with vocals and samples that build up to mega fiesta. Next comes Spineless, a playful track that flirts in-between house and techno, with a funky bass and rich analog synths. The sweet voice of STEEL5000 juxtaposed with the sassy lyrics make for a great revenge anthem that anyone can identify with, especially the ladies.

On the flip side Marcos In Dub, who's voice can be heard in the original track (Madre Mia!), made a classic house remix full of analog synths, phat-funk and some acid flavored soul. Alixander III (from Azari & III) took charge of the Spineless remix, going Frankenstein, 100%. Like a mad scientist, he reworked all the original parts and put them back together to create his own dark, monster track; a mental trip that builds in density to no end, with surprises at every turn. Two very special remixes made by two very talented artists.

Para Español, diga Español! (For Spanish, say Spanish!) [info from label]
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