I/Y - 0000.030 / TRIPEO RMX

0000.030 / TRIPEO RMX

12 Inch, 180gr

Fracture / FRACT001

Front View : I/Y - 0000.030 / TRIPEO RMX - Fracture / FRACT001
Back View : I/Y - 0000.030 / TRIPEO RMX - Fracture / FRACT001

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Fracture is a new label which aims to release quality music on a medium we care about. This is why we chose to work with choosing Matt Colton from Alchemy Mastering, and also why we decided to put only one track per side of a 180 gr. vinyl. This first release features two artists we love : I/Y and Tripeo. For their first real incursion on another label, I/Y continues its exploration of the abyss of modern music. 0000.030 is a deep plunge into a paranoid atmosphere led by merciless beats.Tripeo takes it into a jacking excursion accompanied by noisy and acidic elements. While maintaining the originals ruthless vibe, this remix offers a different aggression and gives the track a groovy psychedelic feel

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