Loud Neighbor - ESCAPE CONTROL

Loud Neighbor


12" Vinyl D

W0rkt34m / WT04

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Escape Control is the debut album of the techno band. Loud Neighbor. As a whole it sees the duo experiment with their live set-up. built around an amalgamation of analogue synthesizers. drum machines and digital tools. The album is being released as a 6 part vinyl series with a wide array of remixes from artists such as Octave One. Alexi Delano and Alixander III.

‘‘Each individual track has it's own back story, but they all have the same root. We draw inspiration from every day life and translate it through our gear into music; people and relationships in today’s modern world influenced 'Escape Control'. Playing with the names of the computer keys, the title refers to the place technology has in our lives today and the side effects of such an intimate relationship. We live controlled by our digital devices, our status, our emotions, our jobs, and society not to mention the government. With our album we invite you to put down your phone, log off, forget about everything, and be in the present, close your eyes, listen, dance and escape control.’’
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