Taron-Trekka - PURPLE MAGIC EP



12" Vinyl D

Freude am Tanzen 66

Front View : Taron-Trekka - PURPLE MAGIC EP - Freude am Tanzen 66
Back View : Taron-Trekka - PURPLE MAGIC EP - Freude am Tanzen 66

After One And A Half Years And Diverse Trips To Labels Like Milnor Modern Or Drop That Records, Taron Trekka Is Finally Back.

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They sport the same top form they always have in their return to the FAT harbor. For the reason
that 2014 is still young, yet the measuring line in house music is still quite high. With the ‘Purple Magic EP’ Taron-Trekka
(alias Daniel Müller-Sachs and Andreas Kriester from Berlin or rather Jena) take their exploration of the perfect groove
to another step and expand their comprehensive sound palette of previous releases with fresh nuances. These shine
from the depths of the night and throughout. Like always their tracks are a contemplation of the hours that are far from
the peak time, yet still featuring a purity and a wide-reaching expression in every pulse of unfolding sonic planets. These
are perfect for the early and late hours on the dance floor. The deep-set and warm drums, the raspy snares, whirling
melodies; everything is close together and strangely interwoven with the subliminal field recordings from places where
the music feels good; bars and clubs, simply among people. With this, Taron-Trekka demonstrates that they have yet so
much still undiscovered to offer and produce elegant, deep-seated tracks. These tracks with their multitudinous influences
mix to a house-hybrid that seems to only be able to be conjured up by them.
At the same time the EP is the starting point for a literally “magical” trilogy because after ‘Purple Magic’ over the next few
months there will follow ‘Yellow Magic’ and ‘Black Magic’ with new tracks from Taron-Trekka on Freude am Tanzen.
A1 Purple Magic
‘Purple Magic’ is a sliding miniature, so full, so secure. The light-footed saxophone interlocks perfectly with the air house
groove and rolls on the red carpet for the night and a finely done warm-up.
A2 Bug & Fred
With every new stroke it happens that ‘Bug & Fred’ the beat a little bit more from the gaps and makes space where
Taron-Trekka gets a hold of their own brand of funk. The best micro house update since the invention of micro house.
B1 Magnetic
If the word ‘deep’ didn’t exist then it would have to be invented for the word ‘magnetic’. This hypnotically meandering
house collage where the beats aren’t only fat, but also the surfaces and melodies take a hold of each other so unfettered,
so interwoven and unbelievably close to one another.
B2 Free Me A stumbling stone of a track, that always again with it’s vocals and warm pads catches and takes you by the hand back to the dance floor. Music full of unexpected sounds and ideas, that fit perfectly. [txt from ]
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