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Other People / OP005

Front View : Visuals - VISUALS EP - Other People / OP005
Back View : Visuals - VISUALS EP - Other People / OP005

Andrew Fox Has Spent Nearly A Decade In New York City Sketching Psychic Spaces And Emotions Like A Cinematographer In Conversation With Himself, Reckoning With Demons, Seeking Understanding. His Debut Four-song Ep As Visuals is released On Nicolas Jaars Other People Imprint.

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Fox formed a three-piece band called VISUALS in 2012, choosing the name as an oblique reference to a debilitating ocular disorder he suffered as a child. His previous releases were a series of cryptic self-released 7″ singles written in collaboration with drummer Marshall Ryan—but Fox felt further development was still needed. He went into hibernation, experimenting and playing solo electronics sets in small NY venues, and writing new songs. VISUALS’ EP is a collaborative relay race between like minds. After recording and producing much of the arrangements himself, Fox handed the songs off to Darkside guitarist Dave Harrington for a final round of mixing and edits. His partner Nicolas Jaar finished the job, lending the record a distinctive psychedelic thump that fits Fox’s songs hand-in-glove. Over the course of its all-too-brief runtime, VISUALS’ EP pits the soulful against the inhuman, evoking everything from Broadcast’s eerie, hermetic pop experimentation to Prince’s minimalist sex funk. Songs like “Solve for X” and “Remote Control” are bottom-heavy love songs to an uncertain future, propelling Fox’s cracked, weather-beaten drawl through a gauntlet of rubber-band basslines, bone-dry drum machines and deft sample manipulation. While much of VISUALS’ EP is a clear product of the dog days of the early 21st century, closing track “Fifteen” is something else altogether, a transmission from the heart of Old Weird America, all acoustic guitars, telephonic vocals and unsteady drums. [txt from ]
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