Fred Hush


12" Vinyl D

Sonar Kollektiv / SK269 / 3002696

Front View : Fred Hush - BASED ON MISUNDERSTANDINGS 08 - Sonar Kollektiv / SK269 / 3002696
Back View : Fred Hush - BASED ON MISUNDERSTANDINGS 08 - Sonar Kollektiv / SK269 / 3002696

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Fred Hush steps up for volume 8 in Sonar Kollektivs Based On Misunderstandings series.

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This man has the club gene in his DNA. Fred Hush started his DJ career at the tender age of 14 in Ghent, back then just with a tape deck and no mixer. Since then he became one of the most sought- after DJs and producers in Belgium and France and has released own productions, for instance on his own label Palm Beach Records.For the eight edition of the Based On isunderstandings series Fred Hush invites us to a delirious funfair. "Carrousel" is a ghost train ride with a bass monster on one's trail accompanied by guitar pluckings and eery strings. Thanks to the virtuoso arrangement this is one hell of a joyride. If this might be not enough roller coasting for you, by the time you get to "Motion Sickness" vertigo sets in at the latest. Here we go all the way up, at least three hundred meters, before a breakneck free fall and the adrenaline shoots to the roots of your hairs. Scream alert guaranteed! For the remix of "Carrousel" Hush engaged Zurich's currently probably most in-demand DJ/producer duo, Animal Trainer. Adrian Flavor and Samy Jackson organize for more than seven years now their legendary Rakete parties and are therefore all too aware how to bring a club to the boil. For example with a new adaption of "Carrousel" like the one they're delivering here. According to the nature of their name Animal Trainer didn't tame the behemoth but trained it to go for the common party animal. Run for your lives! [txt from ]
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