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Fina / Fina013

Front View : Powel - CLOUD CITY - Fina / Fina013
Back View : Powel - CLOUD CITY - Fina / Fina013

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Powel aka Paul Christie is a Berlin based DJ/Producer, and a relatively fresh name on the underground house circuit. Christie has previously released material with some exciting new labels, namely, Berlin-based label Keller, Wunderbar Recordings and Deliciuse, here he joins the FINA roster, well and truly putting him on the map, and slotting in alongside Move D, Cottam and Leif.

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Title track ‘Cloud City’ opens the single here, an ethereal deep house number featuring an amalgamation of cosseting synth tones, understated, organic drums and intricate, blooming melodies.This is a stunning opener for the EP and a clear-cut sign that Powel has a deep-seated knowledge for sculpting heartfelt house music.

Up next is ‘Falling In A Black Hole’, which sees Powel take a more reserved approach and minimal sentiment, opting for sparse drums, emotive chord progressions and smooth pad lines.

On the B-Side of the release, first up we have ‘I’m Talking Quietly’, Powel drops the tempo down to create a chuggy, disco inflected feel. Throwing in loose, organic percussion for an authentic nu-disco feel, while piano chords, heavily delayed strings and sax licks further fuel the musicality, adding a further charm and character to the record. Then up last to close things is ‘Getting Out’, embracing a similar slo-mo, low-slung aesthetic to the preceding track, yet introducing a gritty electronic bass hook and analogue style synth lines this time to create a brilliantly contrasting track, and rounding off a stellar package full of understated, intelligent electronic music. [txt from ]
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