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Shaded Records / SHADED04

Front View : Denizo - SHADED 04 - Shaded Records / SHADED04
Back View : Denizo - SHADED 04 - Shaded Records / SHADED04

In the fourth chapter of Shaded Records Denizo continues his journey through the maze of sounds and moods where images and textures get distorted by surrounding architecture. Ancient window of the Hermitage gives us entrance into the space of 4 stories. Edenic Dub immerses us within the atmosphere of rolling chords and melancholic melody leads further with heavy roar.

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Suddenly voices are moving to our head - Inner Voice, they take all the attention and you can not get rid of them, voices push and insist - it's like a madness and insanity, which develops into a storm - Windstorm. Storm mixes and confuses things previously seemed clear and takes us away from voices and spirits, bringing the release again.

Early support from:

Milton Bradley (Do Not Resist The Beat!, Prologue): thanks Denizo, nice stuff.
Samuli Kemppi (Mote-Evolver): I like the last track 'Windstorm' a lot. Good stuff!
Unbalance (Unbalance): Perfect release from Denizo as usual, he have his own sound, Invasion is my fav
Bambounou (50Weapons): Hey man, your tracks are totally wicked
Sanys (Downfall Theory, Etiku World): all tracks are great, i put one of the tracks in my recent podcast!
Dave Miller / Abstract Division (Audiosculpture, Dynamic Reflection): I like all tracks but I think I will play the third track the most, good work!
Alex Danilov (Rawax, Housewax): realy quality records. Windstorm especially [txt from ]
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