Hector Couto - TAKE ME AWAY

Hector Couto


12" BE

Area Remote / area043

Front View : Hector Couto - TAKE ME AWAY - Area Remote / area043
Back View : Hector Couto - TAKE ME AWAY - Area Remote / area043

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For Our 43rd Vinyl Release On Area Remote We Gladly Welcome Back Hector Couto.

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For our 43rd vinyl release on Area Remote we gladly welcome back HECTOR COUTO.

Even though he only started producing three years ago, HECTOR COUTO has earned the respect of the international electronic scene in record time, evidenced by the fact that he was featured in Resident Advisor’s TOP 100 most charted producers of 2011.

Couto’s sound has not stopped evolving and growing over the past three years, maintaining his personal and unmistakable groove as defined on the dance floor by producing elegant tracks with energetic and sharp bass lines. Hectors skills as a DJ never go unnoticed with his way of giving each room great passion, vibe and positive energy that always captivates, making this artist something worth listening to.

His previous release on Area Remote, the ‘Lights Off’ EP in 2012 was a great success. Now he’s back with this house EP that will blow your mind.

TAKE ME AWAY Hector Couto brings back house in ways you’ve never seen before. The pumping beat, bubbling melody and appealing vocals create a track that takes you away to a place and time when DJs brought flight cases full of wax to their gigs. An instant classic, ready to hit the club floors.

UNDERGROUND FEELINGS A deep and dark melody are fused together with slick percussions and seductive vocals, setting a secretive tone that suggests you’re doing something bad, but that just feels so good. A highly infectious tune that will cause a party riot on the dance floor. [txt from ]
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