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Motech / MT039

Front View : DJ 3000 - MOROCCAN MINT TEA EP - Motech / MT039
Back View : DJ 3000 - MOROCCAN MINT TEA EP - Motech / MT039

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As Dj 3000s Motech Records Imprint Nears A Decade Of Existence And Its 40th Release, A Common Theme Exists: Always Look Forward, But Never Forget Where You Came From.

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With both DJ 3000 and Motech Records that theme carries a sense of duality. Not only must you not forget where you are from in the literal sense, but also never fail to remember your lineage, and this theme has been cross-stitched into almost every Motech project. With the Moroccan Mint Tea EP (MT-039), DJ 3000 puts the evolution of his funk on full display. The title track, "Moroccan Mint Tea", embodies its namesake, an acidic melody with a tart drop of funky bass line and an assortment of percussive elements to compliment the melody. "Moroccan Mint Tea" shows DJ 3000 flex his progression from heavily laced ethnic compositions and strict Detroit Techno influenced production to a well balanced repertoire of world funk, Detroit melodies and both traditional and electronic percussive elements. "Serpiento" is a dark, whimsy composition anchored by a drum pattern and bass line that would be at home in any subterranean venue, be it Berlin or Detroit. Again, DJ 3000 is putting on display a full portfolio of influence and experience gleaned from years of living abroad as well as traveling the world. "Right of Passage", a percussive juggernaut, uses a combination of enticing old world melodies bathed in a driving bass line to lure the listener in, whether its via headphones, or the dj's needle. "Youdaone" goes funky and hard, dare we say, funkier and harder than we've seen DJ 3000 travel before. Equal parts disco jam and movie chase scene, "Youdaone" draws inspiration not internationally, but from our own backyard with Burden-esque bass and Chip E-like melodic elements and sequencing. In the decade since its inception, Motech Records has changed as much as the musical landscape it is a part of. What started small as an idea in Hamtramck, has spread outward to the far corners of the globe, as a result helping to build upon and add to the ancestral influence that launched Motech. Change is inevitable, whether you progress or get passed by remains your choice....
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