Heib - Formel 1


Formel 1 (VINYL ONLY)

12" Vinyl D

Randform / Randform001

Front View : Heib - Formel 1 (VINYL ONLY) - Randform / Randform001
Back View : Heib - Formel 1 (VINYL ONLY) - Randform / Randform001

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Vinyl Only - No Repress Randform - Minimal Art In Techno. Randform Creates A New Framework For Concept Minimalist Techno. The Project Derives Its Fundamental Inspiration From The Pioneering And Timeless Work Of Studio 1, Freiland, Profan. Randform Envisions The Revival, Continuation, And Development Of The Unique Aesthetics Of Minimalism As An Art Form In And For Techno. Abstraction, Reduction And Repetition To Extract The Pure Essence Of Techno.

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Being a concept label randform highlights with every release a particular interpretation of the common underlying theme of formally rigorous and abstract minimalism. in effect the confirmed artist roster so far already assembles a set of highly distinguished techno and experimental producers, most of whom work out series of records for randform. their identity will be unveiled record by record. the first release randform001 presents a novel project formel 1 by kompakt and auftrieb artist heib with two works of ultra-reduced conceptual techno. as a holistic minimalism project, the artwork is implemented with great care by chosen practitioners of the fine arts. the records as physical objects are thus transformed into works of minimal art in themselves. in partiuclar, the first ten releases are designed by new york based artist sebastian lemm, whose work in exhibited in numerous galleries in manhatten and brooklyn. the colour design is derived from the purity of yves klein blue and will assign a specific colour intensity for each of the first ten releases. in addition drafts of abstract white forms that subtly suggest a possible third spatial dimension complete the record artwork. [txt from ]
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