Microtrauma - VINYL SELECTION 2



12" Vinyl D

Traum V158

Front View : Microtrauma - VINYL SELECTION 2 - Traum V158
Back View : Microtrauma - VINYL SELECTION 2 - Traum V158

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Due to the wish of the fans we release here a second limited vinyl with Microtrauma, collecting some of their finest tracks never released before on vinyl. The 4 track EP starts with >Reflection<, a mighty tune. The track is built musically on a sophisticated layering of intricate sounds that are counteracted by slashing snares and stiletto sharp sequences which allows a fine blend of techno with melodic structures. It is for sure by its nature a true voyage, a trip to higher meadows ... or maybe even follows a mission.

The a2 track "Pollen Flug" is a track so sweet it glides down your skin like a drop of dew. This is the big and bouncy dub induced stuff that goes down so well with a crowd that likes to shake and swing rather than rave like mad! A big one for Microtrauma and for the crowd. B1 "Solitone" is a piece of interstellar, planetary, spacious music. It starts with a period of naked drum patterns which give way to craftily build up architectural patterns all executed with an exceptional lightness that shows why Microtrauma have advanced to a powerful role on the label Traum. Micortrauma's quality is to touch but not be captured or be pinned down by a genre or category. Their unpredictability makes them so distinctive.

B2 is a Microtrauma remix of "Gravity Well". The original was written by Traum artist Max Cooper. The remix is such a blast in the field of more quiet melodic music that we had to include it in their vinyl edition. The track musically buzzes like a gentle engine with ethereal sounds keep coming and transforming the original step by step into a heavenly creature. A real piece of art by Microtrauma. [info from ko]
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