Kotelett & Zadak - POPOCATEPETL

Kotelett & Zadak


12" Vinyl D

Tonkind / TOK025

Front View : Kotelett & Zadak - POPOCATEPETL - Tonkind / TOK025
Back View : Kotelett & Zadak - POPOCATEPETL - Tonkind / TOK025

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Close to the days of the days, when the Maya calendar will come to an end and somthing special is waiting for human beeing, two smart fellas from Berlin are contrebuting this happening with the so called Popocatepetl EP. Popocatepetl is a yet sleeping massive vulcano in Mexico, who just recently rumbled to life. It looks like this EP will come up with the same energy and power. Four tracks with many statements and diversity and still homogeneous in their substance. To find an own style and esspecialy an own sound is what the two try to push to the fore. If we compare this release to their last successful released track on Tonkind Schmalwild, we hear this major line, where a transperent empathy is to find. Kotelett & Zadak, showing on this EP their ability to creat dance music with a certain flow and groove which makes you feel aloof and hot but still laid-back and relaxed. It just shows their own temper and shows us why, this two guys are one of the most beloved DJs in Berlins underground scene. Its their personal spirit what comes up in the music, that makes this release sound so authentic. Hopefully people will notice, yet even without any dramatic fireworks, Popo has the power to wreak havoc.

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