Digitaline - WANNA EP



12" Vinyl D

Cityfox / CF016

Front View : Digitaline - WANNA EP (JOHN TEJADA RMX) - Cityfox / CF016
Back View : Digitaline - WANNA EP (JOHN TEJADA RMX) - Cityfox / CF016

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First Of All Were Fans Of Digitaline Since The First Hour. Were More Than Proud To Present Their Third Ep

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'Wanna' is the best example for this winning formula. Out of the clear sky, suddenly you get
hypnotized by a huge repetitive hook. Simple and complex at the same time. Dynamic in its purest
form. 'Stuck Off The Realness' represents another well known strength of Digitaline - an irresistible
rhythm construct combined with abrubt vocals opening a mental and psychedelic brightness. This is
something for your body, brain and soul.
We made the right decision asking John Tejada to remix 'Wanna'. He adds his own flavour but never
loses the original spirit. Pushing it to an almost meditative point before starting all over again with
Digitaline's main melody. We would describe this package as contemporary, yet modern and timeless
music. [txt from ]
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