Social Disco Club - JUST ONE TOUCH

Social Disco Club


12" Vinyl UK

Under The Shade / UTS037

Front View : Social Disco Club - JUST ONE TOUCH - Under The Shade / UTS037
Back View : Social Disco Club - JUST ONE TOUCH - Under The Shade / UTS037

Just One Touch has been a long time coming but it emerges as a classic ode to house past and present. Porto based producer Social Disco Club was sat on the track for two years before Miss Bee added her dusky vocals. Frayed and taught with emotion, her voice works in harmony with the gritty analogue sounds that drive the track.

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Where the original demands attention, the instrumental version shows a more subtle route to the floor. Tucked away on the b2, the absence of the full vocal allows the weighty drums and Detroit influences to come to the fore. With space to breathe the elements of the track begin to shine; restrained pads become expansive and the gurgling bass line rises to the fore.
On remix duty are Parisian duo The Mekanism and Melbourne’s man of the moment Francis Inferno Orchestra. The French pair weigh in with an upfront interpretation, working in some modern bounce to the feel good 90s vibe of the original.
Where The Mekanism straighten out Just One Touch to create a smooth, effective DJ tool, Francis Inferno shakes things up, adding an element of chaos with his Piano Jam remix. Unhinged keys frequently break through spacey atmospherics, falling away to place emphasis on drums that beat assertively between house and techno.
Under The Shade confidently cover all the bases here, with a standout original and reworkings from a pair of fast-rising young production outfits able to deconstruct the influences poured into their sources. [txt from ]
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