Cari Lekebusch - SVETT EP

Cari Lekebusch


12" Vinyl D

International Sound Laboratory / ISLR015

Front View : Cari Lekebusch - SVETT EP - International Sound Laboratory / ISLR015
Back View : Cari Lekebusch - SVETT EP - International Sound Laboratory / ISLR015

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Samuel L Session: hard to pick a fav here, they are all good. bring it on!

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Samuel L Session: hard to pick a fav here, they are all good. bring it on!

Tony Rohr: Smutstvätt is slutty as fuck. It’s like being at some tripped out carnival where all the booths are ran by the stuffed animals and you are trying to get that damn ring around the milk bottle so you can win a human. Me likey.

Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe): Oh yeah, the Cari funk!… All 4 tracks got something special to them. Full support!

Vicky Montefusco: Lekebusch destructive as always…Slajdmedel my favourite !!!

Gustav Bagge: Mumma för öronen! Allihopa!

Samuli Kemppi: Toppen!

Butch: very cool

Dub Dummies: Wow we love this sound… high class release

SLAM: loving Cari’s productions – loving these thanx

Sasha Carassi: Top realase,love them all!

Dustin Zahn: Svettiga Pattar and Slajdmedel for me. This is the kind of funk that only Cari can produce

Nima Khak: Svettigt! Amazing release! Cari func when it is at it’s best! Will play and chart!

Nihad Tule: I like em all, even though I’d prefer a bit more of those cari lekebusch trademark old school dist and flanger on the master stuff. Smutstvätt is my pick here :) TJUUUU!

Tobias Von Hofsten: Svitt som fan! Bounce dat!

Patrick Siech (DCBNSOCTKNT): aah great tracks!!! and i’ve been waiting for a revival of the classic stockholm-techno-tracknames! slajdmedel must be one of the best titles ever :)

Par Grindvik: svettig platta! svårt att välja en favorit men “svettiga pattar” och “smutstvätt” blir det nog för mig. vill ha vinyl

Kimono: Svettlukt! I LOVE THE SMELL OF THIS ONE! [txt from ]
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