Neotnas ft. Four By Fog - THAT DAY

Neotnas ft. Four By Fog


12" Vinyl US

Dope Jams / dj117

Front View : Neotnas ft. Four By Fog - THAT DAY - Dope Jams / dj117
Back View : Neotnas ft. Four By Fog - THAT DAY - Dope Jams / dj117

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Haunting, post-house deconstruction from Russian outsider Neotnas. >That Day< is vocal dance music for lost souls, disparaging practical compromise and sunny chord progressions for a bones-bare, ruthlessly sincere interrogation of hopelessness, apathy and ultimate transcendence. Suppressed waves of orchestral melancholia pass through entrancing heroin-paced percussive mechanics, unveiling the cavernous sprawl of Neotnas masterful production. Casting an icy shadow of depth and despair that is not easily shaken, Four by Fog lends his unexpectedly beautiful vocals to the project, proving the axiom >If you dont have the key, just break the lock<.

Obviously Four by Fog never bothered to find the right key, sledgehammering the door open to poetic precision and melodic freedom---an impressive rebuttal of the slick vocal deliveries in house music today. Affecting, refreshing and challenging, "That Day" is electronic music for the new year, reaffirming there is still new expanses of unexplored creative territory ahead of us, if only more producers like Neotnas would be willing to cast forward into the endless seas of uncertainty and take a leap beyond the old world of default dance music formulae. [info from wa]
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