Matthias Reiling - ESCAPE THE ROOM EP

Matthias Reiling


12" Vinyl D

Retreat / RTR010T

Front View : Matthias Reiling - ESCAPE THE ROOM EP - Retreat / RTR010T
Back View : Matthias Reiling - ESCAPE THE ROOM EP - Retreat / RTR010T

Excellent groovin delicious Deep House Vinyl

Sales Information

Retreat celebrates its first double-digit release with
something out of the ordinary: an ep from Session Victim’s
Matthias Reiling that blends House, Hip-Hop and UK Bass
music in a very unique way. After two highly praised albums
on Giegling, the Hamburg – based producer further
develops his musical persona with the help of dusty
samples, bouncy beats, tense atmospheres and a strong
cinematic feel. Escape the room is a highly fascinating slab
of vinyl that will not leave your record player for months!
Woodland sets the tone for the whole ep: a reduced and
droney House tune that makes great use of vinylinduced
noise. Constantly moving hi-hats combine with a
subterranean bass to provide a super-tight groove that is
highly addictive. With only a chord stab and some extra
percussion altering the groove from time to time, Woodland
is definitely a deep and hypnotic affair, somehow
reminiscent of Photek’s early output but with an
unmistakable Reiling twist. Matthias’ Hip-Hop influences
particularly shine through on the heavy 100 bpm banger
Kalkstar. This pretty reduced track showcases a medievalsounding
guitar loop build upon a skippy beat. But when
most producers would be happy with the main loop playing
straight through the whole song, Matthias never lets it rest:
the guitar gets filtered, halved, echoed or reversed before
finally fading into oblivion. The Hissing is pure excitement on
wax and proves the age-old saying that “The B-Side Wins
again”: the drama unfolds on a slow House tempo as
strident strings get beefed up by pounding drums and a low
bassline. The pressure kicks it up a notch during the break
when a character informs us about incoming pain and the
sound of hissing. The beat then drops back in with extra
string riffs and spooky organ touches. Tension rises when
additional percussion creeps in to slowly introduce another
dramatic monolog breakdown. [sales info from ]
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