Drei Farben House - BELLEFONIC EP

Drei Farben House


12" Vinyl D

Tenderpark / TDPR006

Front View : Drei Farben House - BELLEFONIC EP - Tenderpark / TDPR006
Back View : Drei Farben House - BELLEFONIC EP - Tenderpark / TDPR006

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Support by: Hans Nieswandt, Baaz, Alex Agore, Marquese, Skipson, YNK, Big in d_bug... With his Bellefonic EP, Drei Farben House from Berlin creates a remarkable House-Disco-hybrid.Soul vocals, funky drums, warm basses – it is all there. Wide range of accoustic sounds meets specifically selected electronic elements. With his rather classic idea of musicality Drei Farben House bridges rich soulfulness and slim, reduced Funk. Beauty and elegance, understatement and indulgence, meoldiousness and Pop appeal – thats what this concept is about.Tenderpark remains a prime address for softly gleaming pearls which light up in small side streets. About Tenderpark: Tenderpark is a vinyl label from Berlin in quest of warmth and elegance in contemporary House music. Lightness and pproachability are the main focus. Tenderpark sounds the commonalities and connections between music and fashion. After the first series of record artworks had incorporated a fashion photo, Tenderpark has staged a fashion shot for the new records again. This time the label has drawn on the sophisticated clothes of Berlin menswear label A.D.Deertz to play the main role in the new artwork.

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