David Labeij


12" Vinyl BE

Remote Area / remote034

Front View : David Labeij - BERRIES / FIRST OF TEN - Remote Area / remote034
Back View : David Labeij - BERRIES / FIRST OF TEN - Remote Area / remote034

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For our 34th edition on Remote Area we welcome back DAVID LABEIJ! A producer since 2006, David has been credited as one of the most promising artists in Amsterdams new school scene giving him access to labels such as 100% Pure and Intacto, as well as finding fame as half of Polder, a collaborative effort with Lauhaus. With his signature solo sound verging on the hypnotic side of house and techno, David continues to captivate the international party goers with his distinct and futuristic take on dance music.

BERRIES: Although the fruit may be good for you, this track is even better!
Staccato vocal edits injected over a warm groove make you want to twitch and twist, while the meshed up electric bleeps and sound swipes send you on a sound trip to David’s video game arcade in outer space. Enjoy the ride!

FIRST OF TEN: Bounce time! Throw on your dance shoes and leap over the bassbeats, dodge the noise riffs then jump under the electric high balls.
This party people mover has to be one of the first commandments in your dance tune bible. [remote034_info from nw]
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