Hidenobu Ito - ZOMBIEFFECT

Hidenobu Ito



Numbolic / numb014

Front View : Hidenobu Ito - ZOMBIEFFECT (DITCH / DUALISM REMIXES) - Numbolic / numb014
Back View : Hidenobu Ito - ZOMBIEFFECT (DITCH / DUALISM REMIXES) - Numbolic / numb014

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Our japanese dear Friend Hidenobu Ito is definitely overwhelming and it seems almost comically out of place. From alien hydraulics to percussive steel fractals he allows to take shape within the realm of impossibility. So, what follows next on Numbolic Records is a stunning lesson in subtle buildup of sound design. Theres a feeling of constant movement and shaky energy that means his music never quite stands still. Highly resonant and rapidly-panning drum hits act like flickering fluorescent lights. The result is a heavily abstracted layering and perhaps our most sonically release to date. Every sound, no matter how tiny, is endlessly tweaked and picked apart. The 12 inch EP is rounded off with 2 prickly re-interpretations. Dualism turns up the fog with a super-deep captivating and yet lovingly version. While Ditch comes up with a characteristic throbbing dirty techno rework. Another 4 smashing Tracks by Hidenobu Ito are added digitally as well as two bonus remixes. Kai provides a dance floor-approved version and the hungarian newcomer As We Said made a cartoon spaceship to the moon. Big pulsating bass kicks will drive you in that particular head-space, but before accidentally killing someone in love, we suggest go get this record instead and start dance! Be Numbolic!

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