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Front View : Gaiser - SOME SLIP, ELASTRIK - Minus / Minus112
Back View : Gaiser - SOME SLIP, ELASTRIK - Minus / Minus112

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Killer Prime Time Techno Double Header !!!

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Continuing a busy run of recent releases on Minus is one of the label’s core contributors, namely Jon Gaiser. Since late 2005, the Detroit-born, Berlin-based producer has been intrinsically linked to the rise and rise of the label owing to key releases like his Eye Contact EP, genre defining 2008 full length, Blank Fade, and last year’s huge EP, Unstable Witness. When not busy translating new experiences and sensations into abstract techno sounds, the man occupies himself by endlessly touring the globe - playing clubs and festivals in Europe, Japan and the States: it is for that reason that he is one of the most celebrated Minus associates of them all… The first of two new offerings is ‘Some Slip.’ Hitting the ground running, it’s at once a firm, drum-led track that wastes no time in clearing a path down which you gleefully march. The track really comes to life when a hidden bassline begins to rise and fall freely a third of the way through. As it weaves its way through endlessly dripping, popping, aqueous FX, the whole thing feels as tall as it does wide and as heady as it does deep… wig-out, late-night stuff for sure. Busier and more complex is ‘Elastrik’ where de-tuned synth sounds shoot off in all directions as the clicking bass rotations below endlessly churn up the dancefloor. It’s crisp stuff that establishes rhythm early on and focuses on percussive and synthesised detail for the rest of its course. Hurried alien sounds interject as if they have a life of their own and drag the track’s focus point from side to side, front to back, ensuring you get lost in its darkened midst without reserve. There’s a duality to Gaiser’s work which means it’s both bold and instinctive but subtle and intricate, and this two-tracker is another fine example of just how exciting that interplay can be. [sales info from ]
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