Channel X


12" Vinyl D

Stil vor Talent / SVT063

Front View : Channel X - LITTLE SYMPHONY - Stil vor Talent / SVT063
Back View : Channel X - LITTLE SYMPHONY - Stil vor Talent / SVT063

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Aah, how we have missed them! The fine young gentlemen that are Channel X, two of Stil vor Talents most active producers of meticulously crafted and deeply energetic tech-house smash hits. And just in time for the open-air season they now come back with two very convincing pieces of dancefloor art. First up is >Little Symphony<, an epic space opera that takes it cues from early 90s techno and mixes it up with post-modern grooves and beats. The wide and open spaces are filled with some very hymnal string patterns that are given a final treatment with a reverbed and high-pitched vocal sample. Contrast that with the rather jittery beat and a subbass as deep as the frequencies will go and you got yourself a substantially clear bit of techno that is best imagined when it is dark and only some beams of air tell you where you are. Channel X do not produce, they direct and all of the sounds are their actors! On the flip things get more light-hearted and set for the daylight hours as well. >Steamboat Willie< is a heavily sample-orientated swinging piece of jack. The rhythm guitar lead the way on top of a clap-based loop that sets the basis for some very jazzy interpretations along the way. Clarinets, trumpets, percussions, brass, effects and even some talking vocal samples are all allowed to join in this hedonistic big band that is at play. This is one for the sunshine, this is one for the smiles on the faces, this is one to feel instantly good about yourself and everything around you. Two very different tracks on this EP, but both equally stand out for themselves

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