Soundstore / Steffi / Hunee - PANORAMA BAR 03

Soundstore / Steffi / Hunee


12" Vinyl D

Ostgut Ton 47

Front View : Soundstore / Steffi / Hunee - PANORAMA BAR 03 - Ostgut Ton 47
Back View : Soundstore / Steffi / Hunee - PANORAMA BAR 03 - Ostgut Ton 47

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The 12-Inch sampler for >Panorama Bar 03< could have hardly been better. Hitherto unreleased, the tree tracks on Ostgut Ton 47 tick all the boxes that make Prosumer such a unique DJ: house in its various identities. Soundstore starts the triptych with >Take U<. Greatness and frantic fever visions go hand in hand while hitting the core of Chicagos second wave: Dance Mania, Cajual, and Relief with siren-like hooks in a feverish delirium. Irresistible. Prosumers Panorama Bar fellow Steffi slows down the pace. >Sadness< that surprisingly did not make it on her album debut is not only the opener of the actual Panorama Bar mix, but also a tribute to that kind of deep house that doesnt take its prefix lightly. In the end, Berlins Hunee teaches you a freestyle lesson. In a similar way to the young Pal Joey, he feeds his sampler a well-known dish, but throws in peculiarity, rascality and deviation to get new results. After all the time, this music is still not getting a bit long in the tooth. Lets take a love break.

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