Various Artists - FORWARD EP

Various Artists


12" Vinyl D


Front View : Various Artists - FORWARD EP - Mindshake12.1
Back View : Various Artists - FORWARD EP - Mindshake12.1

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For his second transmission as part of the Mindshake family, Carlo Lio drops a propulsive, meticulous building stomper of a tune. Lio creates an impressively spacious and dark sound sphere which envelopes and lures the listener in as the beat subtly builds tension and release. Complementing the core elements of the track, crisp drum fills and bell chimes pierce through the mix while a hypnotic repeating synth line wont let you wake up. Ghostly vocals channeling the sounds of long past soul singers, add an unexpected but welcome house element. Specifically geared for that time of the night when you want to add a wtf moment.

A2: John Lagora: Ync (7:54) John Lagora’s ‘Ync’ is precisely buffed for 100% DJ and dancer satisfaction. Starting with a subdued filtered beat intro and an early 90’s piano house feel spun through a contemporary techno prism, cinematic strings begin to rise as the beat morphs into a straight up proper floor-gripping, rolling and bouncy tech house snap. With just enough dust in the snares, the percussion is expertly layered as the strings peak ready for the first real drop. Patience is a virtue and it’s only at three minutes in do we get the full scope of where John is taking us. Vocal chants provide further heat as the stereo field is put to full use while the track continues its repetitive roll and infinite permutations of efficient programming and lattices of mesmeric FX.
B1: Victor Calderone: Pleasure Grip (8:08) American Victor Calderone understands the importance of continually evolving as an artist and as such was inspired to join the family. For his debut Mindshake release, chunky, raw old school tribal drums are expertly filtered, tweaked and dropped into and out of the mix straight away. [mindshake12.1_info from wa]
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