Jacek Sienkiewicz - MAGIC MOUNTAIN

Jacek Sienkiewicz



Numbolic Unlimited / unltd004

Front View : Jacek Sienkiewicz - MAGIC MOUNTAIN (DUALISM / DISPLAYFM RMXS) - Numbolic Unlimited / unltd004
Back View : Jacek Sienkiewicz - MAGIC MOUNTAIN (DUALISM / DISPLAYFM RMXS) - Numbolic Unlimited / unltd004

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Whenever you talk about polish electronic dance music, then there is no way around Jacek Sienkiewicz. We have to admit, we are pretty proud to have him on board for our next Release on Numbolic Unlimited! >Magic Mountain< is a real stunning & sophisticated solid EP. Recognition s Labelhead intrigues with extraordinary attention that can only come from a history of many years. His soundpatterns find the right balance between order and messiness and he knows exactly when to take things out and when to bring them back in.

Focusing on the groove, the title track 'Magic Mountain' bumps along similar lines while maintaining quiet hyperactive.
Rarely does minimal techno this classy remember to move it so well. Damn, what a beautiful Track!
'Black Fog' Jacek's 2nd Track, is closeted by a whomping bassline that is completely surrendering to a mystical construction.
That's for all jocks whichever like to keep a uniformly dark and techy vibe through the night.

As usual Dualism added their very personal & trippy style. Their Interpretation of 'Magic Mountain' features a recognizably verse-hook and stay on-point from the beginning throughout the very end. Oh Boy, shake that booty!
DisplayFM brings up a number that leaves behind imbued wilderness with perfect vibes. It underscores the hypnotic atmosphere of the original and is built for maximum dance-floor effect.

Considering that the world is struggling between war and piece, we're all in need of retrieving freedom & beauty.
Jacek's 'Magic Mountain' EP is probably what we have been waiting for.

Be Unlimited..! [unltd004_info from db]
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