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Numbolic / numb011

Front View : Geoff Bell - THE FREDDY EISER SHOW - Numbolic / numb011
Back View : Geoff Bell - THE FREDDY EISER SHOW - Numbolic / numb011

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Do you know this uncontrollable hunger to penetrate the grooves with a record needle? Well, good news for all vinyl junkies. German based Geoff Bell shows his unique talent on >The Freddy Eiser Show< EP while he starts off our brandnew series of 12 inch records! His Music is excellent dodgy crisp & very authoritative. On the other hand he is combining euphoric, funkiness that is crying out for sunshine-barbeque with Tofu Burgers.

The A1 side tracker 'Mosös' has the intensity and mood of a trippedout psychedelic gathering of imaginary friends. It's full of big wide claps, an interchanging bassline and swirling pads drifting around cut up vocals. 'Dusty' on side B is more dancefloor oriented while it's delivered in a slow shuffled sway. Whether you call it freaky or minimal either way Geoff applies an aesthetic statement to keep you biting your nails and shaking your ass. The forward-thinking duo Dualism contribute a fresh & exciting remix. Their Interpretation of 'Mosös' turns into a deep, introspective groove with the sentient & distinctly feel of the original and more dance floor-oriented in approach. Liiebermann maintains straight & tight to their interpretation. Their Remix keeps on pumping right from the start and you will find yourself locked in the moment. It's really something for when you want to push the intensity up a gear or five. In addition to the 12" vinyl edition, 3 more original Tracks & 2 more Remixes are to be released digitally. Remix-vise Christian Dittmann and Robert Matthaei bring things back down to earth. Both with a passionate belief in letting the music do the talking. Christian's remix is straighter then the original but with a depth and rumble that feels well right on the main-floor! Robert flips for a deep & instrumental funk-tech version and somehow you can't get rid of the feeling sitting in a whirlpool listening some romantic music on drugs. [numb011_info from da]
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