Match Hoffman - AWARD EP

Match Hoffman


12" Vinyl D

Aspekt Records / aspekt014

Front View : Match Hoffman - AWARD EP - Aspekt Records / aspekt014
Back View : Match Hoffman - AWARD EP - Aspekt Records / aspekt014

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FIRST ON DECKS !!! Berlins producer Match Hoffman presents his new incredible EP on Aspekt Records, A brilliant, phat anthem full of atmosphere and feel-good attitude on the A- site anda phat B-site with supernatural moods. Gooseflesh! Yeah!Great remix treats from Patric Batemen and Bigger & Jesus

Aspekt records presents: “Award EP”/ Aspekt 14
After thirteen succesfull releases, Aspekt Records continues with the highly anticipated No.14: „Award EP“.
Match Hoffman calls the tune of the “Award EP”. He impresses with huge and founded knowledge in the art of composition and the ability to ennoble the sound with his personal dedication: musical instinct, technical sensibility and electronical passion. Inspires from the winners of the 2010 People`s Choice Awards, Match Hoffman transports the triumphantly mood into two functional tracks, scoring with catchy and direct statements.“Award EP” hits the spot!- A vinyl so rich in musical messages, memorable features and without superfluously big hoo-ha.“Match- Hoffman-sound” doesn`t dilly-dally. Each element in his productions builds stable alliances.
The A-site kicks off with the “Director`s cut” of “Hereos”.
A crispy beat opens up, giving the unmistakabele basline a piggy-back and swallows the auditors gladly. Carried by a special effect- breeze of bugginess, the track builds and builds increasingly tensions with female and male choir vocals, which rise into melodic - “slap and tickle” structures.The choir themes combine in a majestic mood and lock the groove in a constant upward spiral of corporate feelings.Loaded with a dose of electronical house, “Heroes” unfolds into pure euphorica befor diving back into the groove. A whacking great production á la Match Hoffman.( “Heroes” A2: Remix by Patric Batemen)
The backside comes with Match Hoffman´s enthralling “Supernatural”.
Liquid beat-elements gyrate around a central groove which shimmers and shakes with all the gusto of a supernatural mood that is inspired by. A weird-narrative voice snuggles around the basline- like a tight pairs of leggings- and influences in a spectacularly style the sentiment of “Supernatural”.Hoffman succeeded in creating a fantastical intelligent transparency, which gets an individual boost from “sozzled” Hi-Hats. Apparently at a canter, both of the breaks generate a stunning effekt.Unerring with a well-aimed and bulletproof beat, the spell of monotonicity donates the track a surprising force: a crackerjack, so fantastical that you indeed wish for an endless loop here.Match Hoffman´s “Supernatural” is one of the “creme de la creme”- productions which gives you a permanent gooseflesh.With a modern studio finesse that fills the spectrum wonderfully, he accomplishes the 14th vinyl release of the Berlin label. The Aspekt- DJ and producer ardently builds a memorable EP with such kind of sound, you can do an allnighter!(“Supernatural” B2: Remix by Bigger & Jesus)
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Played by:

Richie Hawtin (Minus)

Laurent Garnier (pias)

Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe)

Andreas Henneberg (Voltage Musique)

Andy Kohlmann (Lordag / Supdub)

Mike Wall (Safari)

Bjoern Larsen (Partysan Berlin)

Voltique (get physical)

Franco Bianco (Dilek Records)

Electric Indigo (indigo@inc)
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