Microtune & Takter - SUESS SAUER EP

Microtune & Takter


12" Vinyl D

Aspekt Records / aspekt013

Front View : Microtune & Takter - SUESS SAUER EP (DOLE & KOM REMIX) - Aspekt Records / aspekt013
Back View : Microtune & Takter - SUESS SAUER EP (DOLE & KOM REMIX) - Aspekt Records / aspekt013

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As well 2010 Aspekt dont allow oneself a break and so also this year, many brillant productions with interesting support acts are planned. After various successful releases, Aspekt strikes back with number 13. S Sauer by Microtune & Takter, invites the listener to a never ending excursion of dreaming and dancing.They are known to tap the full possibilities, to reach minimalist the most. On side A their track S enchanted by pushing Tech-House, with a touch of Deep and playful emotional melodies. Dole&Kom sweeten the whole thing, with their spirited remix once more. Experimental Tech-House, mixed with minimal accents, which animate to dance. Since 2005 the guys have their own label Death by Disco and they are producing for labels like Bondage, Parquet and Session Deluxe. With Sauer on side B, the listener can expect a nice Minimal-House track by the duo, which leaves nothing to be desired. Gregor Sultanow gives it beans once more, with his remix. His permanent experimentation, which feature his style, you can hear clearly. Great Minimal-Tech-House with playful melodic sounds with which you cant sit still. Awesome Record for the dancefloors!

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