Sascha Braemer - GHOST HAND EP

Sascha Braemer


12" Vinyl D

Stil Vor Talent / SVT035

Front View : Sascha Braemer - GHOST HAND EP - Stil Vor Talent / SVT035
Back View : Sascha Braemer - GHOST HAND EP - Stil Vor Talent / SVT035

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Just in case someone might have forgotten: Stil vor Talent is based in Berlin. And this EP by Sascha Braemer, one part of Heinrich & Hirtenfellner, proves just that. Braemer, whos just been at the top of everybodys DJ charts with his funk-laden minimal soul piece >Mamba Drums< on Kindisch Records, has donated three tracks to Oliver Koletzkis imprint that mirror what this city is best know for: funky minimal grooves. First up there is >Ghost track< a typical dry minimal loop with a rhythmically in touch vocal sample that is then juxtaposed by a simply astonishing piece of melody. Goose bumps and groove humps on the floor - guaranteed! On the flip: >Girl<. Here Braemer has created a dubby piece of tech house that floats towards a soulful vocal and some beautiful strings. This is one for the early morning, or in Berlin, the late afternoon, those times when everything seems in perfect harmony with each other. Last up is >Guitar Man<, yet another very sample-based stripped down loop with one riff of an echoed guitar being the protagonist. When that riff is fully played out, we all know its summer. But it wouldnt be Berlin if there werent some dark wobbly basslines seemingly destroying this but in fact creating the perfect combination of soft and hard, of light and dark. On top of this the vocal sample >I wont leave< perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the praised Berlin afterhour. Stil vor Talent is back at home with this EP.

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