Ivano Coppola & Christian Prommer - HOT

Ivano Coppola & Christian Prommer


12" Vinyl BE

Gigolo Records / Gigolo249

Front View : Ivano Coppola & Christian Prommer - HOT - Gigolo Records / Gigolo249
Back View : Ivano Coppola & Christian Prommer - HOT - Gigolo Records / Gigolo249

The latest Gigolo release is one for the summer! Aptly titled Hot it comes courtesy of Ivano Coppola and Christian Prommer, the former being one of Italia s most respected DJ s and the latter being, amongst other things, one of the main collaborators for Hells critically acclaimed album Teufelswerk. Taking a sample from Willie Ninjas classic record Hot and building a track around the chords and the vocal leads us to our starting point Ivano Coppola Plastic Mix! Ivano Coppola has been the resident DJ at Milan s Plastic club since 1992, so it is fair to say that he knows what works on a dance floor, or, to use a popular phrase, what is hot and what is not. It is with this historical knowledge that we find the genesis of our track. I found it necessary to go back in the past, to start producing once again in a 90 style - using samples. The next step was to come back into the future and reach out to Christian Prommer, highly respected by many including Ivan I consider (Christian Prommer) one of the best producers of the moment! He loved the idea, the remix was huge, and so we decided to co-produce the record. Simple!!! But, for Christian this was more then a remix, hence the co-production credit! I liked the idea of translating an early 90 s house-music-sample in to a sample-style-percussive-techno-tune. Lots of live played drums and percussion in this one, of course. I only later learned that the sample we used is from one of my house music heroes, MAWs Louie Vega. Naturally the record found its way into the hands of Gigolo in the best way possible, and in the tradition of such a great record label – I played it at the Gigolo night in Munich and Hell came to me dancing and took the tune into his heart.

Ashley Beedle: Killer production and something that's definitely going to be in my wallet a long time.
Aldrin (Zouk, Singapore) A different but cool direction from Gigolo!
Ben Nish Nish (Fluid, the westbury, & Egg, London) Cool mix of a good track, nice summery vibes and cool vox, full support, cheers.
Bob Frisky (Gatecrasher / Manumission) a much deeper version of the track, still very good production, but the Plastic mix takes it for me
Christos Kedras: Feeling the Prommer Jam mix, will play and also include in upcoming Beat Philosophy radio hour.
Chris Coco: yes, this is hot! very cool retro-modern feel. very sexy track
Dion Mavath: nice track will play
Heath Holme (Bora Bora, Ibiza) Nice package prefer Plastic Mix deep drivin sound.
Ian Pooley: Gigolo is doing the right at the moment , i love it !
Javier Drada (Hostel, New Orleans) Excellent!!!
Joshua Collins (Human Life / Silent Machine) Nice old school sound on this one, almost like Lil Louis - French Kiss... cool!
Kiko Navarro (Pacha) Christian Prommer is on fire, great energy, loving the snare rolls and percussion together with wicked synths. Good track i like the production and the old school vibe.
Lady B: Funky peack time house track, will play it. Nice mix too, but my favorite is Ivano coppola one.
Martin East (Mundial, L.A.) Loving this Jam Mix - Old School new school vibe. quality house music - will be playing - fo sho
Matt Walsh (Turbo) great house!
Matteo Esse: Really liking the Christian Prommer Mix on this release. Quality music as usual from Christina and Gigolo.
Mitch (Devore Recordings) Real Techno...again superb.
Montero: Love Christian Prommers mix.
Nick Warren: great mix
Paul Deighton (Gung-Ho!) Absolute `Class, Both mixes. Right Up My Alley!...
Sasha: Wicked!
Sei A (Urbantorque, Tronicsole) Great stuff
Tom Mangan (Deadset / Made To Play) track is really cool,
Tomoki Tamura (Four:Twenty Recordings/saw) I love it,can t wait to play with lound system.
Towie (Sportclub/No Dough) Really nice alternative music here, love the live feel it has. I think the production here is class.
X-man: good job!!
Zeno: Deep. Great track. [hot_info from ]
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