Electric Rescue - THE DARKEST STAR

Electric Rescue


12" Vinyl D

Cocoon / Cor12063

Front View : Electric Rescue - THE DARKEST STAR - Cocoon / Cor12063
Back View : Electric Rescue - THE DARKEST STAR - Cocoon / Cor12063

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With Electric Rescue, the French DJ D Jedi, who is known all over Paris, becomes a part of the Cocoon family. he is connected with the development of Techno in France already since the beginning of the Nineties. Despite being busy as a producer for commercials and soundtracks, he always finds some time to release exciting electronic music on imprints such as F Comm, Communique, ELP Media and Paul Nazcas label Scandium, where he has released his debut album >EL.UE< three years ago. With the two tracks on >The Darkest Star<, Electric Rescue succeeds in the daring feat of transforming the energy of rave tracks from the early Nineties into the present time without producing an anachronistic impression. Besides a tectonically shaking bass drum, the title track relies on the power of sound, a superlative of raw club energy with a twist of irony, which can set a surprising climax with a steadily rising noise level, even after almost ten minutes. >The Devils Dance< is grafting a comparably brute state-of-emergency Techno in a somehow restrained way, rhythm-wise, but is no less effective with its distinctive Acid sound effects. And who said that modern Techno cant use the tradition of Belgian Rave-signal-floor-burners?

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