Move D & Benjamin Brunn - HONEY

Move D & Benjamin Brunn
HONEY (2017 Repress In Black Double Hole)
12" Vinyl D
Smallville / Smallville08

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side
After building up a unique state of the art sound since ages- including records on labels such as Bine. Source. Modern Love. Uzuri. Warp and many others- Move D and Benjamin Brunn come along with a Single on Smallville to tease their forthcoming album >Songs from the Beehive<. The Honey EP takes a short trip into the world of two ultraspecial producers. Benjamin Brunn and Move D cut these three pieces from their ultradeep live jams and the result is magical. The deeply kicking >Honey< is already proved by Smallvilles Lawrence: >How crazy can the panorama bar get!<. His flatmate Efdemin prefers the >Melons<: >Thats the deep shit for life!!<. And Golden Pudel Chief Ralf Köster is amazed about his new ambient number one >After the rain<. In the end Move D and Benjamin Brunn put together what belongs together looking forward to their big album in 2008
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