Various Artists - THE NEW BLOOD EP

Various Artists


12" Vinyl FR

Earthrumental Music / EM09

Front View : Various Artists - THE NEW BLOOD EP - Earthrumental Music / EM09
Back View : Various Artists - THE NEW BLOOD EP - Earthrumental Music / EM09

In the beginning the was a dream, a dream to become part of the living womb of good music. A dream of being real, true to myself and I set this dream to fly high. Days and years passed by and I didn t seem to find response but one day in the arkest hour came the Light and then I knew I had to Hustle It s a song about my determination to express myself WIDELY whitin the realm of GOOD Music, won t be selling my soul, won t be taking the easy path, its all about what is REAL, training harder and harding until I get what I want: The Pure Sound of Goodness for the dancefloor, for my life and the whole world. That s how I hustle. Abicah Soul Confuzed well this track started as another track but I took the sounds from anohter track put with this that how I came up with the idea confused .i started listening sounded good I stuck with it.onw word DEEP Stephen Rigmaiden Jeepin Basically Jeepin was done and I was listening to acapella s for like 2 weeks trying to find the right vocal snippets. My thoughts were how was I going to get franck s interest? I knew the track was done but for him to pick it up it needed a vocal. Then I came across the perfect vox. I used a montage of a few different vocals, some hip hop elements, some jazz elements, some gospel elements, ill leave up to you to decipher. I knew I wanted a raw, kinda hip hop type of feelingas well, something you can get on the dance floor and go uggh!, that s my shit!! or damn I gotta get in that circle and show em whats up! I made it for the dancers out there, b- boys, house dancers , or jus ya regular club kids. Trying to get the crowd hype is always my intentions , I feel this track does jus that. Now get on the dance floor and recognize the sound!

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