12" Vinyl D

Kontra Music / KM001

Front View : Agaric - SURFACING - Kontra Music / KM001
Back View : Agaric - SURFACING - Kontra Music / KM001

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big with James Holden & Thomas Schumacher !!The a-side will and has already proved to be the perfect dance floor track while the b-side shows a deeper and more serious side of the label. With its funky base line and humoristic build up-break, Subaquatic Mechanic brings new life in to the myth of Atlantis. Playing Games on the other hand, is techno for the David Lynch generation. The atmosphere is so dense you can feel it. Yes, you actually feel something when listening to this track. Not so very common in dance music today and this is the reason why Kontra-Musik is here. The finishing track, High Voltage Monkey, brings it all down before it wraps it all up to a complete product. Expect support from: Richie Hawtin

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