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12" Vinyl D 13.07.18
next up on francis harris exceptional imprint scissor & thread comes a collaboration with american producer, dj aakmael. aakmael has built a reputation for some of the deepest, rawest house music sounds coming out of the states, releasing well-received tracks on the likes of freerange records, release sustain, kolour dogmatik and ndatl. returning to scissor & thread, aakmael and label boss harris cook up an intoxicating vibe across this 5 track ep. each shares a track and work together on the fifth, while also remixing each others solo cuts. first up aakmaels deep muzik- a quintessential nod to its self-proclaimed mission statement. skittering drums, a shuffling groove, deep keys, and chords make up this essential opener. franks (aka francis harris) all that light mix shows another side, finding pockets of space and developing the fizzing percussion to produce an equally affecting piece of dancefloor bliss. sharing production duties from the outset on mercy of means, the guys slip into an easy mid-tempo groove with plenty of depth - the rhythm rolls along and offers the perfect basis for some sublime melodic touches. franks part song also hones in on the subtle deep grooves. bumping, slightly filtered and saturated drums provide the main body, with beautiful washes and keys finding their way through, aakmaels remix beefs up the groove somewhat, making the snares snap harder and kick hit a little stronger, but the essence of the tracks melodic atmosphere remains perfectly in place.
Scissor And Thread
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