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12" Vinyl UK 25.01.16
as mood ii swing, production duo lem springsteen and john ciafone became one of the most in-demand remixers in the late 90s. the duo s production career began modestly, however. after a failed attempt at r&b, the two turned to house music. early productions such as sylvano s * helpless* and wall of sound s *critical* were a step in the right direction, as were releases such as -i need a bitch- for cutting and -searchin - for groove on, but it was the duo s remixes of ultra naté s * free* for strictly rhythm that struck gold. the song became a huge hit and soon mood ii swing was remixing big-name producers like bt (-remember-) and king britt (* the reason*) as well as the next ultra naté single, * found a cure*, which also became a huge hit record around the world. then, as a testament to the duos success, the new york-based nervous have dug up the remixes mood ii swing did for the label during their seminal mid 90s period re mastered and re released on wax for 2016.
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