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12" Vinyl D 02.05.16
nearly a year after his acclaimed debut ep, every inch of you, a musical project meant as an ode to the memory of a once great man, his grandfather, the enigmatic, rosas nievas, steps up to the plate with a sophomore outing for scissor and thread, going away soon on the a-side, the bombastic opener, wastes no time getting its feet moving with charged up percussion, guitar licks, and playful sampling with a clear ode to the likes of matthew herbert.
Scissor And Thread
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12" Vinyl US 24.08.15
2015 will prove a benchmark year for scissor and thread with the rising momentum of frank & tony and desert sound colony and now with the introduction after many months of work of their new enigmatic artist, rosas nievas, with a sublime debut ep, every inch of you. like a tip of the hat to herbert, the title track entices with easy piano licks, a cooing vocal and a lush atmospheric enveloping the floor in a warm embrace. flipping the switch, the bounce of opinions propels dancers into hands-up, chicago-style elation, while the rollicking, looping closer, hear me rain, entrances with its early morning psychedelia. completing the package is a breakaway edit from label heads, frank & tony, who transform every inch of you into a sun-drenched, euphoric deep house stormer, in a way only they can do.
Scissor & Thread
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