Releases from artist / Veröffentlichungen von : Clapz II Dogz (aka Soul Clap & Catz N Dogz)

pic 12" Vinyl D 28.03.11
polskis and boston tea parties are never usually mentioned in the same sentence, this particular tea party took place in berlin in the summer of 2009, and instead of the traditional tea party antics, it involved devouring traditional polish pies and vodka. this became the recipe for an unprecedented collaboration. throw in a seth troxler inspired sample and that recipe becomes michelin starred! vodka sinkers catz & dogz get groovy with dope time travellers soul clap in a pairing which makes you think you dropped a tab, polished off a bottle and smashed the back out of some kosher delights.
*limited to 500 copies*. miss it and miss out.
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