Zap Mama - ZAP MAMA

Zap Mama


12" Vinyl D

Crammed / CRAW003LP / 05181011

Front View : Zap Mama - ZAP MAMA (LP + MP3) - Crammed / CRAW003LP / 05181011
Back View : Zap Mama - ZAP MAMA (LP + MP3) - Crammed / CRAW003LP / 05181011

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The 1991 debut from Belgian group Zap Mama for the first time on vinyl.

This was the acclaimed debut album by the famous Zaps, five young women of Congolese/Belgian origin who conquered the world with their joyous acapella mix of Pygmy music, human beatbox sounds, Central African or Arabic pop tunes, ragamuffin under Zairean influence, Afro-Cuban rhythms, and a touch of soul & gospel... Zap Mama's origins, message and musical choices embodied and glorified the virtues of cultural mix and interracialism. The beauty and freshness of their vocal harmonies, their entertaining, humorous & energetic stage show generated tremendous enthousiasm all around Europe and the USA (where this record was the second best-selling world music album of 93, according to Billboard).

Produced by Vincent Kenis (who later went on to produce Konono N°1 etc). [info sheet from distr.]
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